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The most magical morning

I was going to share the Mango and Vanilla Overnight Oats recipe in the morning but then my day took a totally different direction than planned. I woke up to the most amazing view: everything covered in white ‘icing sugar’, while the biggest snowflakes I’ve seen in years were falling gently onto the rooftops, trees and the ground. The snow was falling just like in those old fairytales and when I was a child. No wonder that I became so excited, I couldn’t even go back to sleep, or do anything else than to wake my husband up, eat a little breakfast and then head out to enjoy the snow. Snow angels and snowball-fights, just like when we were young and carefree… Oh, and it was so much needed! To just feel like a kid again, to pretend there’s nothing to worry about, no work, no commitments, just a few hours when we could not stop smiling and having fun 😊 We took the long way home to extend the moment for as long as possible ❤️

What is it that makes you ‘switch off’ your busy brain and let yourself enjoy a few well-deserved moments of happiness? ❄️

Morning with a view ❄️

So peaceful and quiet

Snow angel 😇

Selfie-time 😀

Those trees... 💚

Another snow angel 💙❄️

Magical moments

Yay! Snowman ☃️ We did not build it but it deserves a place here 😁

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