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Exploring North Devon and Exmoor

Every year, when my initial excitement of 'Yay, autumn is here' subsides, I start hoping for an Indian summer. You know, those warm, dry, and sunny days in the middle of fall, when you go for long walks and marvel at nature's ever-changing beauty! 'But what if this year none of that happens?' - I thought to myself, and then remembered that our friends were planning a trip to Noth Devon and asked if we'd like to go as well. So my husband and I decided to plan a safe autumn escape for probably the last time this year. We chose the same site where our friends booked their self-catering accommodation, packed our bags, got into the car, and spent a few days exploring the beautiful North Devon and Exmoor.

Day 1


View of an alley leading to seaside and coastal mountains

A short visit to Ilfracombe, a friendly seaside resort in North Devon.

Dramatic coastline of Tunnels Beaches at low tide in Ilfracombe

Tunnels Beaches

View from the top of Ilfracombe to the city

A quick peek at the houses while strolling up and down the hills.

Hill on the Ilfracombe seaside with dramatic coastline at low tide

Such a contrast between the two landscapes!

Dramatic coastline in Devon with sharp cliffs at low tide

And the landscape gets wilder and wilder. Dramatic and unspoiled ❤

white wave and black sand at the Ilfracombe harbour at low tide and large rocks near the shore
Picturesque scene at  Ilfracombe, black sand, razor sharp cliffs on the shore, white waves at low tide and old hotel on the top of the cliff

The tide was coming in quickly, so we decided to do a little more sightseeing...

hands holding two scoop of ice cream in different chocolate cones, with boats and the harbour at the background

... and have some ice cream in the best ice cream cones ever! 🍦🍦

The harbour and Verity

Day 2

Lynton & Lynmouth + Valley of Rocks

picture of the Rhenish Tower in Lynmouth, with crab creels and crows

Rhenish Tower

The Ancient Mariner pub in Lynmouth

If you are in Lynton or Lynmouth, don't miss the funicular cliff railway which is connecting the two!

The working Cliff Railway cars between Lynton and Lynmouth.

"Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway is the UK's only fully water-powered railway..."

Picturesque view from Lynton to the Lynmouth harbour from one of the Cliff Railway cars on the way down

"... and the world's highest and the steepest fully water powered railway and one of three examples left in the world - 862ft of steep track and an elevation of 500ft, built in 1888" (

The Harbourside Cafe from the front, with blue tables an chairs and A boards with the today`s menu
Posh fish finger butty with tartare sauce on the side and a portion of panko crumbed squid rings with chips, bottled sauces and soft drinks on the side of the table at the Harbourside Cafe with the Rhenish tower at the background

Fish goujons and breaded squid at the Harbourside Cafe. Yummy! 😊

Two cups of coffee and two plates of cakes and a camera on the top of the table

And some nice treats before heading to the Valley of Rocks 🤘

Tall rocks at the Valley of Rocks in Exmoor National Park

Valley of Rocks - an otherwordly place...

Madelaine admiring the view from a cliff top at the Valley of Rocks in North Devon

... so magical, tried to capture every moment of it ❤

Madelaine stands on the top of the cliff watching the breath taking view
Two caves under the cliffs at the Valley of Rocks with turquoise sea
Madelaine sitting on the top of the rocks in the sunset

A moment of peace...

Sunset at Valley of Rocks, with the sun going behind of the cliffs
Sunset at Valley of Rocks, with the sun going behind of the cliffs making the sky to glow in a warm yellow colour

... and the most amazing sunset 💖

Day 3


Large house on the hill in Clovelly surrounded by trees

There are no cars in this picturesque fishing village...

street view in Clovelly, the steepest village in Devon,

... as it is too steep for motor vehicles. All goods here are transported by sledges like this one resting against a wall.

Top view to the Clovelly harbour and the Red Lion Hotel from the way down

And the other reason why we really wanted to see this lovely village is the little harbour, where parts of 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' film shoot took place!

The view of the village from the pier.

The view of the village from the pier.

rock balancing on the seaside at Clovelly with the pier at the background

Rock balancing and getting some more vitamin Sea 🌊😉💗

The Clovelly waterfall is a waterfall at the seaside

Clovelly Waterfall

a close up to the Clovelly waterfall

If you are still here - thank you for reading and sticking around 💗 See you soon in the next one!

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