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Low Sugar Blackcurrant Preserve

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Black currant bush with green, half ripped and fully ripped black currants

Even though everyone enjoys a glass of icy blackcurrant cordial, these tiny, round, dark purple berries are usually not that popular due to their particular taste. Blackcurrants (aka cassis) have a characteristic flavour, as they are packed with iron and Vitamin C. Actually, blackcurrants are one of the best sources of Vitamin C when eaten fresh.

You can enjoy them over your porridge in the morning, as a pie filling, as a sauce for red meat, or as nice jam or preserve. If you'd like the latter and you'd also like to try a healthier alternative, then this Low Sugar Blackcurrant Preserve recipe is for you. I used waaaay less sugar than the "standard" recipes suggest and it turned out very yummy! Oh, and also: they are kinda guilt-free :)

two large punnets of black currants on the grass with a large black currant bush at the back

Pick your own blackcurrants if you can, it's always worth checking the local farms, as they may have fresh and organic berries.

large pot with washed and cleaned black currants, white sugar poured on the top, next to it a wooden spoon with a couple of black currants and a small ramekin with black currants in it

Top and tailing the blackcurrants (one by one) may seem time consuming and boring, but the result will be rewarding!

Low Sugar Blackcurrant Preserve

Low Sugar Blackcurrant Preserve
Download PDF • 230KB

INGREDIENTS · 1700g fresh blackcurrants · 700g sugar · clean, sterilised jars

DIRECTIONS 1. Wash the blackcurrants thoroughly in cold water. 2. Top and tail the berries and place them in a large saucepan with the sugar. 3. Bring to the boil, then stirring regularly, let it simmer. 4. Take out a spoonful of preserve onto a cold plate. Once it cooled a little bit, taste it, and add more sugar if desired. (We liked the sharp taste of this fruit and sugar ratio.) 5. When the preserve reached the desired consistency, it can be spooned into the sterilised jars, with careful movements as the preserve is boiling hot. Once a jar is filled, tighten the lid, and place the jar under a blanket* and let it cool for 24 hrs. 6. Store the preserves in a dry cupboard for up to 6 months. Once opened, keep it in the fridge. *This is an old method that I learned from my mom to conserve jams and pickles at home for longer shelf life.

small jar with black currant jam with a spoonful of jam taken out, and a small punnet of black currant at the back

This Low Sugar Blackcurrant Preserve is bursting with flavour and it is full of character but low in calories. Spread it on your toast, scoop on your granola or enjoy with your afternoon treat like we did.

two fresh scones with clotted cream and black currant jam with a couple of black currant berries, a small jar of black currant jam at the back and a wooden spoon

Homemade fruit scone with clotted cream and Low Sugar Blackcurrant Preserve = the perfect afternoon treat!

a full scone and a half scone with clotted cream and black currant jam on the top and a large mouthful bitten out of it

Did you try this recipe?

Let me know how it went in the Comments below and share a photo on Instagram with the tag: #madelaineskitchen

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