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Veganuary Challenge 2021 - our thoughts & experiences

I have always been a huge fan of vegetables and of vegetarian and vegan food as well. I'm sure you could tell from my posts on this blog! 😊 I prepare and eat lots of vegetarian and vegan food, but never really went completely vegetarian or vegan. There was always a good excuse not to. Lack of time, missing some ingredients, waiting for inspiration or because I thought I would have to cook separately for my husband. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I told my husband that I want to do a vegan January and he said that he'll do it with me!

So we signed up for Veganuary together. We've been sent lots of useful information, including recipe ideas, and encouraging emails every day. This vegan January was such a great experience for both my husband and me. We started to think of it as a journey, a conscious choice and an opportunity to experiment with new combinations of food and flavours, rather than a challenge.

young, brown haired woman in a hat and canvas bag on the shoulder choosing vegetables at the market

It only took a little preparation and planning to start this adventure on the right foot. We needed few meal ideas for the first few days/ first week, a thorough shopping list and a little bit of research on the topic of nutrition - just to make sure we took all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The rest has come naturally somehow, and the puzzle pieces fell into place quickly!

I am hooked and feel that I could embrace this diet and turn it into a lifestyle. Not because it's a trend now but because these meals are not weighing me down, they make me feel so much better and healthier. And I also feel better to be able to do something (even if it's just a little gesture) and support a cause that's close to my heart: reducing our carbon footprint, saving the forests and it's inhabitants. ♥️ As my friend said: this is just the "veganning". 😀

We decided to follow a mainly plant-based diet but will see how this will all work out, as we are planning to share all sorts of recipes on the blog for you guys out there! Let me know in the Comments below what kind of recipes you would prefer to see on the blog. See you soon!

collage of colourful fruits and vegetables on a wooden table next to a bouquet of white flowers and couple of loaves of artisan bread

You can find out more about Veganuary here or sign up for the Vegan Challenge here. 🌿

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