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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Do you find it hard to say goodbye to summer and embrace this most colourful season of the year? You are not alone! Summer is probably my favourite season. The weather's hot, the sun is high in the sky, forests are green and lush, and there's an abundance of fruit and veg. Not to mention packing the suitcases for a summer holiday or a trip to the seaside! And yet again, I feel excited about this new season somehow and I think I am ready to embrace it as it comes, as the colder and darker days slowly replace the light and heat of summer.

green grass field with trees in the middle, grey clouds on the blue sky

This year, September feels like a new beginning more than ever. Not sure why, but September brings not only autumn along, but also a new hope. It's like we got a second chance to pick up those New Year's resolutions and finally achieve them! Weird as it may sound, but as a kid, I couldn't wait to go back to school in September: covered my notebooks carefully with wrapping paper or other coloured scrap paper I found laying around the house, arranged my pens and pencils in the pencil case, and oftentimes, just like today stared out the window and watched the gold, brown, yellow and red leaves fall signalling the inevitable proximity of autumn.

apples on tree branches with autumn leaves

Mornings are already colder and mistier, the cloudy skies bring more and more rain, as the days are becoming shorter and darker with each passing night. This is the time for delicious, home-cooked, comforting food, apple pies, cinnamony hot drinks, pumpkins, and roast chestnuts. But also the time to snuggle up on the sofa with a good book, to look at pictures from past holidays, and to go for long walks in the woods among the dry leaves. To slow down and appreciate how nature is able to change each season and be reborn once again as spring comes. And to remember that we can all do the same...

rose bush with red and ripe rose hips



P.S: Remember to check back again for upcoming quick and easy, soul-warming recipes twice a week!

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